Malaclypse Moonbeam, anarchist extraordinair (sablemoonbeam) wrote in jvcadre,
Malaclypse Moonbeam, anarchist extraordinair

The Rules of the Cadre.

1. Do not talk about the Cadre.
2. DO NOT talk about the Cadre.
3. If someone gets offended, too bad.
4. Keep membership exclusive; new members must be approved unanimously by the Cadre.
5. Everyone is equal in the Cadre. There is only one Cadre, and we are all the Cadre.
6. No capitalism, no McCarthyism.
7. The Cadre is forever. The Cadre is your life. If you leave the Cadre, your life is over.
8. If you just joined the Cadre, you must read 'Masters of Deceit: The Story of Communism in America and How to Fight It', by J. Edgar Hoover.
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